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You may have already been to our first talk on July 2nd. Sae Wylfing and Anlo-Saxon Ships by Paul Constantine. Paul posed the question; did Anglo-Saxon ships sail or were they just rowed vessels?

Over the coming months WRT are hosting our Talks Collection, a selection of varied and interesting talks by well respected speakers from different genres.

August 20th. My life as a Forensic Scientist by David Pryor B.Sc. (Lond.) FCSFS; David talks about his life as a forensic scientist (Scotland Yard and Home Office) with an emphasis on firearms crime.

September 10th. Remaking Sutton Hoo by Paul Mortimer. Paul will talk about some of the things that have been learned from recreating the items
from Mound 1 at Sutton Hoo.

October 1st. Scandinavian Ships by Paul Constantine.There were two distinct construction methods for wooden ships, the Scandinavian and the Mediterranean. At first glance the Anglo-Saxon ship is purely a Scandinavian craft, but all may not be as it seems.

October 28th. Basil Brown, my life under his tutelage by Gilbert Burroughs. Gilbert’s early association with Basil goes back to the 1950s when he was introduced to
him at the age of fifteen. He met with him often during the following years and learned so much, being introduced to the world of archaeology.

November 25th. Whisstocks Boatyard by Sue Cox (nee Whisstock). Whisstock’s Boatyard was Sue’s family’s business – building fine wooden
yachts from 1926-1990 in what is now Whisstocks place.

December 17th. Yuletide to nativity, Christmas in early England by Dr Sam Newton FSA.  Rediscover the magic of Christmas via the history of the great midwinter festival and the archaeology of feasting, and how it was celebrated in early England.

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Further talks are in the piplene for 2024 so don’t miss out on some very interesting subjects and speakers


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The King’s River Tapestry
My Life as a Forensic Scientist; Talk by David Pryor B.Sc (Lond)
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