Friday April 6th, 2018



Wander and Wonder



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We have the biggest door and if you don’t know what’s going on behind it, NOW is your chance to find out. We are keeping no secrets. Come and look in The Longshed on the Woodbridge Waterfront from 11.00 – 15.00 on Saturday, April 21. If you have ever wondered what’s going on in there you are welcome to wander and wonder; at the size of this breath-taking community space that amazingly, belongs to you. Come and talk to some of the townsfolk of the Woodbridge Riverside Trust who have actually made this happen. You can join them and listen to explanations about Skiff building and the Coastal Rowing Club. You can see the splendid size of the Saxon ship that has been responsible for the awesome dimensions of this covered space. You can hear about plans for Art, Music, Education and Exhibitions in the forthcoming Heritage Centre on the mezzanine and meet some of the real people who have already brought you the film, Life on the Deben or the musical production of The King’s River.


You don’t have to knock once; there will be a glass-topped gate – roll-back. Walk the Waterfront Square; join this laugh-a-lot event, feel the achievement and imagine how you could become part of this vibrant community effort.  Find out what’s in the Longshed for you, and bring your own ideas – activities, events and projects – to the party too.  Help us as a Founding Friend right from the outset, to know (and be known!) that you are helping to fund a great facility. If you want to join the happy crowd, you are invited in on April 21st … just follow the rest of the townsfolk to Tide Mill Way. It is your door that is opening.


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