We took on the lease of the Longshed in April 2018.  Our first job is to finish the initial fit-out so that the workshop and mezzanine gallery area can be fully enjoyed by visitors and volunteers. Inside the shed, construction of the first of a series of 4-oar skiffs by a team of local volunteers has already started.  Work on the Sutton Hoo ship construction project will begin in the Autumn. There are already plenty of opportunities for everyone to join in.

We want to talk to anyone and everyone who has something to offer, or who can see that our project could have something to offer them. Do get in touch if you would like to be involved. Above all else, our aim is to create, with the engagement of everyone from the community that wishes to join us, a truly exciting waterside community development: fun, active, a great place to be, and a celebration of what Woodbridge means to us all!

Volunteering opportunities

Skiff-building – we already have two kits to build St Ayles Skiffs, so if you are interested in joining the next skiff-build team let us know.  Each build project will be led by skilled volunteers so you don’t need to have previous experience of boat-building or woodworking to join the team.

Events, activities and exhibitions in the Longshed and on the mezzanine gallery – we are planning a series of events and exhibitions on the gallery to be planned and managed by volunteers.  There will be all sorts of opportunities to get involved – ranging from background research, design, publicity, talking to visitors, or helping with planning and administration.  Just let us know what sort of thing you would be interested in doing.

Sae Wylfing already has a busy schedule.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED NOW! This smaller replica of the Sutton Hoo ship is on long-term loan to the Trust, and ready (on a trailer) to roll. She generated a lot of excitement at local events over the past two years and we have bookings now throughout 2019. You can have a great day out as a volunteer, and we particularly need:

  • help with the ‘stand’ – includes selling a range of related merchandise for fundraising
  • people used to manhandling trailer loads, as Sae Wylfing is trailed to each venue
  • people with a general knowledge of the Anglo-Saxon era, to answer the many and varied questions that visitors of all ages ask about the ship, the background, and way of life
  • supervising simple craft activities

There is so much going on but people still tell us that they didn’t know.   If you are interested in taking photos, writing pieces for the website or press please help us get the word out.

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