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Update from Woodbridge Riverside Trust

Woodbridge Riverside Trust, as Leaseholder of The Longshed, negotiated the original Side Letter
agreement that is due to expire soon, so we can and will apply for its renewal for a further period of time.

Space in The Longshed is definitely tight to build a ship of the size and scale of reconstructing the
Burial Ship. However, The Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company are already demonstrating that it can be
done. The Ship is taking shape splendidly – if you’ve not been to The Longshed for a while, come and
see for yourselves – and the Ship’s Company have announced their target of Spring 2026 for the launch.

For our part, we can’t wave a magic wand and make The Longshed bigger, and it would be fair to say
that many heritage ship build sites in the world have space, sometimes acres of it, that they can
expand into, but we will do all we can to give the project as much work space as is practicable while
retaining and maintaining the integrity, purpose and ambitions of WRT as a community-based charity.

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  • Greg Parker
    26/06/2024 07:21

    I live in Scotland but every time I visit my mum in Felixstowe I try to visit Woodbridge where a visit to see the progress on the amazing long ship is included. It would be a great loss if work is delayed or a move is required so I wish you every success in extending your lease.

  • Liz Pearson
    26/06/2024 09:06

    That all sounds very reasonable. Looking forward to seeing it again soon.

  • Malcolm & Sue Whittley
    26/06/2024 10:13

    We do hope you can resolve the issue so your amazing work can continue unabated.

  • I hope you will be able to renew the Longshed Lease. Yours is a world significant project with myriad benefits to individuals and Woodbridge as well as Suffolk.


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The Longshed, Fiction and Fact
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