The Longshed and the open space

A boatshed and more

The Longshed design has been specified by the International Boatbuilding Training College (IBTC) at Lowestoft, to be large enough to build a full-size reconstruction of the Sutton Hoo ship measuring almost 90ft (27m).

Space below the mezzanine gallery will be used for skiff-building projects alongside the Anglo-Saxon ship reconstruction.

Visitor access to the mezzanine is  via stairs to be constructed beside the front entrance to the ground floor of the shed. The mezzanine will provide opportunities to explore ideas, try things out and find out about boats and boat-building, local maritime heritage and the people who lived and worked on the River Deben. Stairs down to the shed will provide access for people working on projects.

Longshed mezzanine area

The complementary functions of the shed and the Museum provide a unique opportunity for visitors to find out about Anglo-Saxon times and the environment in which the ship was used and also to see in practice how it was constructed.



Technical details

The Boatshed is a steel-framed portal type structure with profiled insulated roof and walls. It is being handed over as a “shell” building.  The Trust is responsible for installing the electrics (lighting, power for tools, heating), public access stairs to the mezzanine,  a mess room/office on the ground floor and two offices on the mezzanine floor for supervisors and volunteers. The slip has been restored, by the developer.

The internal dimensions are 32m deep and width varying from 19metres at to 15m . Minimum head height in the ‘Ship’ area is 4metres.

For technical information on the Waterfront Community Longshed, contact Bryan Knibbs:

Activities: something for everyone

Providing opportunities to try things out and explore ideas is at the core of the WRT Longshed project. The aim is to engage people in developing a sense of place; understanding the maritime significance of Woodbridge in the wider world, and how it has evolved.

Proposals for the quay and access to the river

The Longshed is linked via the open public space to the waterfront. The space remains much the same as before, and is open to public access at all times, and for the organisation of events of all kinds as set out in the site covenants

The intention of the Woodbridge Town Council is to lease the quayside and slip to the Trust, to be managed together with the town quay (alongside the Tide Mill). In addition, it is dedicated to keeping the waterfront quayside in character with its maritime heritage.Our aim is to encourage the use of the quay by traditional boats to retain the heritage look of quayside.

The slipway has been renovated by the developer and will be available for public use in cooperation with the site management committee. Priority will be given to community organisations in the use of the quay.

Years ago, a rowed ferry connected the quayside with the foreshore on the Sutton Hoo side of the river. Once the site is up and running, the Trust will seek to revive the idea of a cross river ferry in cooperation with private operators.

Other ideas are also under discussion, including links with local pleasure trip operators, and the organisers of barge ad other traditional craft charters.