The King’s River Gallery

Woodbridge Riverside Trust commissioned The King’s River to celebrate the regeneration of the derelict Whisstocks boatyard as a new open public space on the Woodbridge waterfront.

A cantata from Part 1 was performed by Woodbridge Choral Society with 18 children from Kyson school at a concert in Snape Maltings in April.

The King’s River was performed 5 times on 11 – 15 July to capacity audiences of 250 people on each occasion and sold out 3 weeks in advance. 100 people bought tickets for the dress rehearsal.

Part 1 took place in the open air in front of the new Longshed building on the Whisstocks site. Part 2 was held in the Riverside Theatre.

33 children and 59 adults from the local community took part in each performance as singers, dancers and musicians alongside 10 professional singers and musicians. Ages of the performers ranged from 8 to over 80.The production was led by a team of 16 professionals and supported by 112 volunteers. Some performers had no previous experience of dancing or singing in public and some could not read music.