Temporary closure of the Longshed

The Longshed is closed to the public following guidance on reducing the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

We aren’t able to keep running practical projects but we are looking at ways of keeping things going using digital media for talks, sharing information and research. We will let you know what’s going on through the WRT and Sutton Hoo Ship’s Company web and social media pages and the Saxonship newsletter.

If you want to see the brilliant projects that run in the Longshed carry on when we are able to reopen, please do join the Friends of the Longshed scheme. Click on this link for details. We need to keep paying core costs even if the Longshed is closed so the Friends who support us through regular donations are more important than ever.

Without your support we will run out of money and won’t be able to start things up again.

Project leaders will let the volunteers who are involved in particular projects know about the arrangements for keeping in touch.
With all good wishes through these difficult times.

Please stay in touch.

Panoramic view of the Longshed from the John Gibbins Gallery
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