Talk by Paul Constantine, Sae Wylfing and Anglo-Saxon Ships

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Saxon Sailing?
There is no evidence that the Anglo-Saxon used sails, BUT, many people have been
convinced by a single photograph that proof exists. Edwin and Joyce Gifford’s scale
Graveney boat and the 45ft longboat Sae Wylfing explored the possibilities of sail,
BUT, they could never show that the Anglo-Saxons did sail. This talk looks in detail
at Giffs sailing modifications, and tries to untangle the questions of construction, the
problems of scale, the myth from the reality and looks at that persuasive picture.
Paul Constantine
The development of the Woodbridge waterfront originated from Paul Constantine’s suggestion that
a full-size reconstruction of the Sutton Hoo Ship could be constructed there. He went on to secure
the long-time loan of Sae Wylfing and Edwin Giffords papers from the Gifford family participating in
visiting schools, events and giving talks about the craft and their history. He engaged in six years of
research on the Anglo-Saxon reconstruction, being an early member of the committees that secured
the Longshed and commenced work on the ship. Paul is an experienced woodworker, boat builder and sailor. 

The talk will be held in the John Gibbins Gallery at the Longshed on 2nd July at 2.00pm

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