Sae Wylfing

Sae Wylfing is the half size working replica of the Sutton Hoo Anglo- Saxon ship – half size in length, but only an eighth of the size of the full ship by volume.

The Sae Wylfing (sea wolf cub in Anglo Saxon language) was built by Edwin Gifford in 1993 to explore ideas then current on the shape of the ship, and to test it as a sailing boat. It is currently being cared for by the Woodbridge Riverside Trust.

Sae Wylfing was out and about in March 2017 on the River Deben for film-making purposes.  A hardy band of volunteers helped launch and row the boat. 

Sae Wylfing is ambassador for the Trust’s project in the new Longshed workshop on the Woodbridge waterfront – to build a full-size replica Sutton Hoo ship. 

She is normally kept on a trailer, on dry land. Her job is to remind us of this part of our local Anglo Saxon heritage.  Children are welcome to come aboard the ship, try the weight of the oars, and wonder about being on an open boat at sea!  The boat is trailed to events during the year at a variety of venues – historical, social and educational – and she can often be seen at Sutton Hoo.

The ship is often accompanied by a band of Anglo-Saxons (re-enactors, that is), dressed in full costume, demonstrating the way of life of people living during that period. Coin making, weaving, grain milling and other activities are included in some events, and visitors are usually able to try out these skills.

Details of the Sae Wylfing visitor programme and demonstrations are included on the Events Calendar, accessible from the main menu. 

More information can be found on the WRT Anglo-Saxon ship team website 

Have some fun VOLUNTEERING at a Sae Wylfing event.  There are several roles for volunteers, transporting the boat and getting her ready for display, guiding visitors on and off the boat, helping with craft activities, and more. Just a few hours or so will get you to the heart of the event!

If you want to know more about

  • Sae Wylfing activities
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please contact the Sae Wylfing team on:

Some special thanks:

Woodbridge Riverside Trust is very grateful to Suffolk Coastal District Council for the financial support they have given towards the cost of maintaining and managing Sae Wylfing.  This has been made available through the Enabling Communities Grants scheme.

Sae Wylfing has not been afloat for some years, but had the benefit of specialist help given without charge in her recent river trip.  Simon Skeet, MD of Melton Boatyard, helped launch the boat and recovered her to her trailer, and Mark Barton, owner of Waldringfield Boatyard, found her a temporary mooring for sea trials and filming. Their assistance was invaluable.

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