Friday April 21st, 2017

Sae Wylfing and King’s River teaser performance impress at Snape Maltings


The Woodbridge Riverside Trust won some well-deserved attention over the Easter period thanks to two showcase activities making an impact at Snape Maltings. In keeping with the region’s Anglo Saxon heritage, the ever-popular Sae Wylfing and her actors laid claim to the reed bed setting in front of the concert hall. Children happily climbed aboard to soak up the atmosphere. They battled with swords and shields in seafaring warrior style and industriously made coins as they learned from the crew about wider aspects of Anglo Saxon culture.

Later, in keeping with the royal courtly theme of the evening concert programme, the audience were treated to King Raedwald’s Return, a cantata composed by Jana Rowland. The performance was the first public teaser for The King’s River community opera, which is set to premiere on the Woodbridge Waterfront and at the Riverside Theatre this summer (11th to 15th July). The Woodbridge Choral Society, accompanied by the Kingfisher Sinfona gave an evocative performance. Their presentation included the supporting voices of Year 6 children from Kyson School who had put many hours of hard work into preparation.

WRT Trustee and King’s River Co-Producer, Sam Simpson said “This was one of the best weekends so far showcasing the trust’s activities and we extend a big thank you to all our volunteers and helpers.”

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