Monday March 27th, 2017

Sae Wylfing afloat..


March 2017 has seen Sae Wylfing voyaging on the River Deben!

It was a beautiful sight, to see a half-length replica of the Sutton Hoo ship out on the water.  The team involved found it an exciting experience and can’t wait to give it another go.

This clinker-built longboat is on loan to Woodbridge Riverside Trust.  Many people have seen her over the last couple of years, visiting events by road on her trailer.  The boat has now had a recent survey by Martin Evans of Shipshape Surveys, and some intrepid seafarers volunteered to take their oars this month to prove her seaworthy as well as roadworthy.

Launched at Granary Yacht Harbour, Melton, Sae Wylfing travelled down the River Deben to a mooring made available by Waldringfield Boat Yard.  All thanks to these yards for their help in making these trials possible.

From Waldringfield, manned by some Anglo-Saxon-clad volunteers from the Deben Rowing Club plus the enactment group CHES from Colchester, a Warrior from Ipswich and other local enthusiasts, the boat underwent rowing trials on the River Deben.  She proved stable, and responded predictably with her ‘steerboard’ rudder.

Sae Wylfing and her crew took part in some filming on 18th and 26th March.  Tim Curtis of Video East said he had obtained some good footage, and complimented the team on their excellent work.

Sae Wylfing’s land-based schedule for the near future includes Snape Maltings and the School’s Day at Trinity Park in the month of April, and she will be at Sutton Hoo for Easter, 14-17 April.  She will be visiting the Weird & Wonderful Wood event at Haughley Park on the May 13-14 weekend, and the Suffolk Show at the end of May


If you are interested in history, and would like to go to these events (free!) to help with the boat, contact Bryan on who will give you more details.

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