Monday February 13th, 2017

Presenting the Longshed and “The King’s River” at Barretts of Woodbridge

Stylish lighting and soft furnishing drapes of Barretts of Woodbridge lent a wonderful backdrop for a presentation by Woodbridge Riverside Trust on the planned community facilities on the former Whisstocks boatyard site. The evening last Thursday, hosted by Jill and Michael from Barretts (pictured), commenced with a captivating presentation by Paul Constantine on the development of the site to date chartering its history as a boatyard to the newly erected (building) which proudly overlooks the river Deben. It will house a heritage centre and Longshed allowing for the construction of a full-size replica of the Sutton Hoo ship.

An audience of volunteers, interested parties and sponsors sailed on a virtual journey inside the shell and saw the exciting vision for this versatile space which will form a natural link with Sutton Hoo as a major tourist attraction and education centre, and will be along the waterfront next to the landmark Tide Mill. The excitement and creativity of the project was picked up by Sam Simpson who gave a passionate presentation on ‘The King’s River’ a world class performance planned to celebrate the opening of the site.

Arts Council funding plus commercial and private donations gave early impetus and endorsement of this community based initiative, enabling it to flow through the community and engage local school children since 2015 when it was just a glimpse on the horizon. ‘We listened to 1000 singing voices’ said Sam. Many of these voices will sing out this summer to celebrate a historic chapter when past and present meet to mark a new era for Woodbridge Waterfront.

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