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On SATURDAY 16th December, Sae Wylfing, our half-length replica of the Sutton Hoo ship will be rowed from the Woodbridge Boatyard pontoon to the quay at Whisstock’s place by a volunteer crew who will be festively dressed in Santa costumes.

She will be moored alongside the slipway at the quay where she will remain on view to the public over the Christmas period.

Sae Wylfing is now over 30 years old and has been on permanent loan to Woodbridge Riverside Trust since 2014. In order to keep her in a river worthy condition The Trust have recently commissioned necessary repairs and maintenance. The repair work was undertaken by shipwrights at the Woodbridge Boatyard. Following this she was brought round to the Longshed where a new floor was installed and painting both inside and out carried out by volunteers from the Sutton Hoo Ships company.

Materials for the floor were supplied by a private donor.

The boat is now in excellent condition and Woodbridge Riverside Trust are pleased to allow, by arrangement, the Sutton Hoo Ships Company to use her for the testing parts, e.g steering blade ,for use in the full-size replica .


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