Sunday December 3rd, 2017


Here are the glass-topped floodgates, closed against recent high tides to protect the new buildings on the old Whisstocks boatyard (and beyond!)  And in case you are wondering… they worked.  You can just about see the tide mark a few inches up the gates.

And note the refurbished slipway in the foreground.

It’s great to see the components of this development emerging, clean and finished, after years of dereliction, then hoardings and construction work.  Next job for the Woodbridge Riverside Trust is to fit out the Longshed.  A comprehensive plan has been drawn up, and anyone with a little time to spare and some simple DIY skills will be welcomed into the volunteer team with open arms.

Construction of the first 22ft rowing skiff is also planned to start soon in the Longshed, for use on the river next season.  A team of volunteer boatbuilders is ready to start on this first craft, and anyone will be welcome to watch its progress, and possibly get involved in subsequent skiff builds.  The skiff programme has been made possible through the generosity of Suffolk Coastal District Council Enabling Communities Exemplar programme, which has helped with funding for equipment.


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The glass-topped flood gates and slipway

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