John Gibbins Gallery; Terms and conditions of hire

The Space.
The space within The Longshed that is being hired, The John Gibbins Gallery. The building within which The Space being hired is located in this case, The Longshed Tide Mill Way Woodbridge. The Hirer, The individual and / or organisation hiring The Space, Woodbridge Riverside Trust (WRT). The organisation and its representatives responsible for The Longshed and letting The Space. All applications for the hire of The Space must be made in writing stating exactly the purpose for which The Space required is to be used. The applications must be sent to Woodbridge Riverside Trust and must be via the “bookings” page on the website  Applications will not be processed other than through this medium. Confirmations of bookings will be by email.

1 Application. Woodbridge Riverside Trust reserves the right, either before or after acceptance of the letting, to call for further particulars of any booking. Should the further particulars requested not be provided to WRT by The Hirer, WRT reserves the right to terminate the letting pursuant to Clause 17 of these conditions.

2 The Hirer. The Hirer is deemed to be the “responsible person” for any damage howsoever caused during the period of hire. This includes damage to furniture, fabric, fixtures and fittings. WRT will recharge any costs incurred for repairs direct to The Hirer in addition to the hire charge. The Hirer is responsible for the behaviour and conduct of all members of their group whilst at The Longshed until all members of the party have left the vicinity of the premises.
The Hirer is responsible for obtaining any licenses required for an event and must provide the details of these licences to Woodbridge Riverside Trust. WRT reserves the right to refuse entrance to The Longshed to The Hirer and their group should this information not be so lodged.
Where an organisation is promoting the event for which the application is made, that organisation must be named on the form and will be deemed ‘The Hirer’. Additionally, the person signing the application form will also be deemed ‘The Hirer’ but in any event, applications from persons under 18 years of age will not be accepted. Liability of the organisation and the person signing the form shall be joint and several.

3 Lettings. Lettings are at Woodbridge Riverside Trust Discretion. WRT shall have absolute discretion as to the letting of The Space.

4 Purpose of User. The Space shall not be used for any purpose other than stated on the form of application unless prior approval in writing of WRT has been obtained.

6 Scale of Charges.

  Commercial Charity /Non profit organisation
 TimesStandard1 to 5 bookings5 to 10 bookings10 or more bookings
Per whole day9.00am – 5.00pm£130£104£84.5£71.50
Per morning9.00am 1.00pm£70£56£45.50£38.50
Per afternoon   1.30pm – 5.30pm£70£56£45.50£38.50
Per evening6.00pm – 10.00pm£75£60£48.75£41.25
Per hour (day time) Max booking 2 hours
Per hour (evening time) Max booking 2 hours

 Commercial: Prices for extended or multiple bookings can be arranged. Please email for a quotation.

Multiple bookings: Discounts for Commercial or Charitable mutiple bookings are given on the clear undertsanding that total number of days/times booked are adhered to. Any subsequent alteration to the days/ times, will affect the discounted price. It is the hirers responsibility to ensure that the booking is correct before submiting the request.

7 Cancellation. If The Hirer wishes to cancel a booking, they should do so verbally and confirm in writing by letter or email preferably at least 10 days prior to the event.

8 Attendants. Where The Space is hired to which the general public are to be admitted, whether or not by payment, The Hirer shall be under a duty during the hiring for maintaining good order and generally assuring the proper running of the events for which the space is hired. This shall include the control of the movement of persons admitted while entering and leaving the building.  The hirer is responsible in ensuring that none of their visitors access any areas of the ground floor workshops.  The responsible person(s) shall be in attendance during the whole time that The Space is occupied by the general public and should have been properly instructed as to their duties by The Hirer.

9 Preservation of Order. The staff and agents of WRT reserve the right to enter The Space at all times and to terminate any hiring at any time if in their opinion the hiring is not being conducted in a proper manner. The staff and agents of WRT reserve the right to refuse admission to, or removal from, The Longshed any persons without stating any reason for such action.

10 Amplified Music. Amplified music shall be maintained at a level so as not to cause a nuisance either to the occupiers of adjoining residential property or other persons using The Longshed. WRT reserve to the right to determine what is an acceptable level for amplified music.  Any music whether live or recorded, amplified or not, must conform to all performing requirements and licenses.  This is the hirer’s responsibility.

Amplified music must cease at 10pm Monday to Friday, 6.30pm on Saturday and 3.30pm on Sunday

11 Layout of Rooms. It is The Hirer’s responsibility to arrange furniture within The Space. WRT will make every effort to have the required furniture in The Space before the hire.
The Hirer must ensure that the proposed arrangements of stalls, stands, decorations, gangways and any other matters relating thereto, are undertaken to the satisfaction of WRT. It shall be a condition of hiring that the decorations shall be of non-flammable material 

12.General Conditions. All lettings of The Space shall be subject to the following general conditions: (a)The Hirer shall not interfere with or alter any lighting or heating equipment, gangways, fixtures and fittings, furnishings or other arrangements at The Longshed. (b) No decorations, plaques, emblems, banners, signs or posters shall be displayed inside or outside The Longshed without consent from WRT. (c) No obstructions of gangways or entrances shall be caused by The Hirer. (d) No nails, tacks, drawing pins, hooks, screws or bolts shall be driven into the walls, floors, doors or furniture or any other part of The Longshed. (e) Displays, photographs etc are permitted to be adhered to the perimeter white boards. (f) No objects containing flammable gas shall be sold or exhibited or used in connection with any hiring which will in any way unnecessarily increase the risk of fire. (g) WRT has approved a “no smoking” policy inside The Longshed. (h) The Hirer is only permitted to bring electrical equipment onto the premises that is covered by a valid Portable Appliance Test. (i) The Hirer must allow within the booking sufficient time to accommodate setting up and removal. Any time taken beyond the booked time will be charged pro-rata. Storage facilities for the hirers equipment or materials is not normally provided. No religious or political activities are permitted to take place in the Longshed, any requests for either of the above will not be accepted. Donations collections  either cash or other are not permitted without the prior consent of WRT. If such collections are agreed the hirer must hold  the appropriate licence from East Suffold District Council. It is the hirers responsibility to apply for such the licence. A licence for the sale of alcohol must be in place prior to the event and a copy of said licence isued to WRT.


13 Compliance. with Conditions of Licences. The Hirer shall not do anything whereby any of the conditions of any licences which may be held from time to time by WRT covering various uses of The Longshed shall be infringed. Copies of any such licences will be available for inspection at the Offices of Woodbridge Riverside Trust (WRT) The Hirer shall not do anything whereby any of the conditions of any licences which may be held from time to time by WRT covering various uses of The Longshed shall be infringed. 

14 Damage to WRTs’ and Third Person’s Property.
(a) The Hirer shall take good care of and shall not cause any damage or permit any damage to be done to The Longshed or any part thereof, or to any fittings, equipment or other property therein and shall make good and pay for any damage thereto, including damage caused by any act of neglect by him/herself or any of his/her servants or agents or any person using The Longshed by reason of the use of the hired premises by him. (b) The term ‘damage’ in this clause shall include the loss of any article or anything belonging to Woodbridge Riverside Trust or its associated organisations. (c) WRT shall be the sole judge of the extent of the damage and their decision upon issue of a certificate of the Longshed Manager as to the cost of repairing the damage shall be final. (d) WRT reserve the right to recharge the cost of repairs of any damage to The Hirer or a third party who caused them.

15 Responsibility for intruder alarm costs incurred by WRT. If The Hirer causes the intruder alarm to be activated, they will be responsible for reimbursing WRT in respect of any resultant callout charges that are incurred.

16 Responsibility for the Loss of the Property of the Hirer. In no circumstances will WRT make good or accept responsibility for the loss, theft, or damage of goods or property (including motor vehicles) of The Hirer or other person left, or brought into The Space or left with any WRT employee or volunteer and The Hirer shall indemnify WRT against all actions, expenses, claims and demands arising out of, or in any way connected with, any such loss, damage or theft.

17 Compliance with Conditions. WRT reserve the right to terminate any hiring or series of hiring’s in the event of The Hirer committing a breach or failure to observe or perform any of the aforesaid regulations and condit

18 Failure of Lighting, Power and Heating. No responsibility will be accepted or compensation paid by WRT in the event of loss or damage being suffered by The Hirer on account of a failure of lighting, power or heating and any other equipment in The Space which is beyond WRTs’ control.

19 Clashes with similar groups. WRT has no responsibility to avoid clashes of similar style groups or organisations using The Longshed.

20 Variation of Conditions. Except as provided by these conditions of letting any variations thereto shall be in writing signed on behalf of WRT by the Longshed Manager or Chairman.

21.Conduct of Hirers. WRT staff and volunteers have the right to work in a safe environment and are here to help you. WRT will not tolerate violence, physical aggression or verbal abuse towards staff or volunteers by members of the public. If this happens WRT reserve the right to take further action against anyone acting inappropriately towards members of its staff.

22 Regular hirers. Regular hirers should sign to confirm their agreement to the terms and conditions at least once every twelve months.

23 Bookings.  Bookings are to be requested  via the “Bookings” form on WRT’s website. Confirmation of the booking will be advsed by email when approved •  • Event organisers are responsible for setting up and removal of any specific furniture or equipment including the placement of tables and chairs. • Event organisers must ensure that guests do not access any part of the Longshed that is cordoned off. The hirer shall provide to WRT a Risk Assessment appropriate to their event and discuss any issues with the galley managerso they can be addressed.
The safety of guests remains the responsibility of the event organiser. • Event organisers must provide any refreshments required for the event. The kitchenette is available for the preparation of hot drinks and setting out of foodstuffs, for washing up cutlery and or crockery supplied by the event organisers.

24 The hirer must take note that the WRT insurance policy does not include for Covid or other infectious desease causations, e.g. cancellation costs to third parties. If required this cover must be with the hirers insurance provider. The provision of Public Liabilility Insurance by the hirer is advised.

25 Fire evacuation proceedure;see here

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