Wednesday March 22nd, 2017

How long is a Longship?

Wow! Here is an actual-size banner recreated from historic drawings of the Anglo-Saxon burial ship found opposite Woodbridge across the River Deben at Sutton Hoo.  This is the beginning of a dream coming true: a full size reconstruction of this ship is going to be built here.

The banner is currently hung from scaffolding around a building under construction on the old Whisstocks boatyard on the Woodbridge waterfront.  Walk down Tide Mill Way, look up and to your right – there it is.  Or catch a glimpse from Quayside if you are driving towards Ipswich.

The banner was made possible by a generous donation from Drain Doctor, of Martlesham. The drawing was prepared for printing by Paul Constantine, printed in three sections, then assembled on site by a team of volunteers, and kindly raised on to the scaffolding by site contractors Carters.

Beyond the banner, a purpose-built long shed is already built.  Long enough for a ship this big.  The Longshed will be a community-owned asset, to be let to the Woodbridge Riverside Trust once the site is ready.  And the first task is to reconstruct King Raedwald’s burial ship.  It is getting closer to becoming a reality.


Answer: 27 metres.  Or 88 feet.  Or (approx) 2 double-decker buses…

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