Thursday November 17th, 2016

Help with our survey

Woodbridge Riverside Trust is planning a new Maritime Heritage Resource Centre to open in Autumn 2017 in the Longshed next to the Tide Mill in Woodbridge.

Woodbridge Waterfront ProjectWe are developing plans for a grant application to the Heritage Lottery Fund and need to know about who is likely to be interested in visiting the Longshed.

The Longshed (shaded blue in the image above) will be open for visitors to explore different aspects of local maritime heritage.

There will be something for all ages and a regularly changing programme of things for visitors and school groups to enjoy: models, experiments, exhibitions and other activities. Visitors will be able to watch progress and talk to the ship-builders involved in boat building projects in the Longshed workshop:

  • a 3-5 year project to reconstruct an Anglo-Saxon longship based on the Sutton Hoo burial ship. The reconstruction will be the same size as the original (27 m) – this has never been tried before. We will use tools and materials available in Anglo-Saxon times. Then, we plan to test the ship out on the water.
  • smaller boat building projects for people with or without woodworking experience.

This venture is community-owned, but we will need to make a small charge for visits to help pay for the cost of running activities in the Longshed.

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