Sunday October 7th, 2018

Hearing more about the Anglo-Saxon ship project

On 6 October over 40 people joined lively discussion at a symposium about the project to build a full scale version of the Sutton Hoo Anglo-Saxon burial ship in the Longshed.

6 October workshop discussion

Experts from the UK and Denmark heard about research including 3D modelling of the ship. Find out more on the The Ship’s Company website.

(Thanks to Robin and Sue Garrod, Woodbridge Camera Club, for taking photos on the day).

Trying out a virtual reality tour of the Sutton Hoo burial ship








Sae Wylfing created a lot of interest at the street party in the Thoroughfare on 28 September.

Paul Constantine will be giving talks about the Anglo-Saxon ship project on two dates at the end of the month



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