Great News; The Longship and Woodbridge Tapestry.

The Arts Society Woodbridge

It is critical that in order to protect and display our amazing tapestry panels, each one, as it is completed, will be placed in it’s own box frame. To allow us to purchase the first six frames the Trust is delighted to have been granted a generous donation from the “Arts Society Woodbridge”, a gift for which we are exceedingly grateful.

Finished panels will be put on display in the “John Gibbins Gallery” at the Longshed in Woodbridge. When the tapestry is finally complete it will consist of at least thirty panels showing the timeline of the “Sutton Hoo Royal Ship” from the first acorn. The ensuing events over the centuries to the completion, launch and sea trials of the replica ship now being built in the Longshed. There will also be some historical panels of Woodbridge and the River Deben. The Town is intrisically linked through time to both ships. The River is the Heart of Woodbridge and at the Heart of this amazing story.

Frames will be made and supplied by “Deben Frames” of Martlesham.

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  • Laura Barton
    16/03/2021 07:08

    That is wonderful news! Well done for securing funding. Thank you to The Arts Society Woodbridge, and Deben Frames.

  • Helen Dwyer
    16/03/2021 09:14

    That sounds wonderful!

  • julia Jones
    29/07/2021 21:17

    If you’d like to write a few paragraphs about the progress of this project and share some pictures in the Deben magazine we’d be delighted to hear from you. I’m the editor, copy deadline is August 31st — an congratulations on what you’re achieving

    • Hi Julia
      Thanks for getting on touch. we would love to have a spot in your magazine.
      I will send over some copy in the next few days and some pictures of the amazing work that our people are doing from my WRT email address.
      Kind regards


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