Going with the Flow – tides and the Deben Estuary

In October 2019 over 1500 visitors came to an exhibition in the Longshed about tides.  Many people commented that there should be a permanent record of the exhibition.  This page provides links to downloadable pdfs of 31 of the 33 boards that were on display.  All of the boards from the exhibition are available to local schools and other organisations on loan – please email woodbridgeriversidetrust@gmail.com if you are interested in borrowing them.

We are grateful to Dee McLeavy who co-ordinated the original exhibition and to the many organisations and individuals who have given us permission to make this information available. The exhibition was sponsored by the Suffolk Coasts and Heaths AONB, the Institute of Physics, DanceEast, the Arts Society Woodbridge and local businesses.

Care was taken to check the information in the exhibition – our apologies if you spot any errors.  Any opinions expressed are not necessarily the opinions held by Woodbridge Riverside Trust.


1 What causes the tide and the bulge effect

2 Your tides

Tidal Energy:

3 What is an estuary

4 How a tide mill uses the tides

5 What a tidal barrage does

6 What a tidal turbine is

Birds of the Deben:

Why birds flock to the Deben Board and where to find them  – the information on boards 7 and 8 that was shown in the Longshed is copyright and can’t be made available online but you can see the boards on the riverside walk beside the River Deben in Woodbridge

Tides and navigation

9 The tide bulges but the water flows

10 How Deep is the water

11 Working the tide – free power

12 Tide tables

13 The times of the tides in tide tables are often NOT correct

14 You are living at the bottom of the sea

A Story of Two Surges:

15 Disaster! 31 January 1953

16 The Surge in 2013 was the highest in Woodbrige since 1953


17 The Historian’s view of the Deben Estuary

17a The Deben is a changing estuary

17b What the Deben Estuary was like millions of years ago

18 How a map of the deben Estuary looked in 1845

18a About the Deben Bar

18b More about the Knolls

19 This map was hand drawn

20 This artist’s view

21 The view from a satellite

21a Global sea levels are rising again

21b How the deben Estuary is affected by tidal flow

22 What saltmarsh looks like as the tide changes   WRT time l stills 1080 Snapshot 28 Jul 2019 at 14-16-00

22a Saltmarsh – is the best natural sea defence

22b About The Deben Estuary Partnership

23 This offical view

Access Then & Now:

24 The Deben Estuary was once a river highway

25 Barging has changed little

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