Fire evacuation

 Fire evacuation from the Longshed                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    The following action should be taken by anyone discovering a fire.Operate the nearest alarm call point. The fire alarm system is activated either by automatic sensors or by operation of a break glass unit sited by each exit door from both the workshop and gallery.Leave the building by via the nearest Fire Exit. Do not stop to collect belongings. Close all doors behind you and switch off air con if safe to do so. Escape from the Gallery is through either or both two doors indicated as “fire escape” routes with the appropriate signs fitted above each doorway from the gallery. Please immediately walk down the stairs and exit the building through the door immediately in front of you. Do not attempt to extinguish the flames using the fire extinguishers. Please ensure that your escape route is not compromised by fire if this occurs, use the alternative exit route.Under no circumstance must anyone attempt to use the lift in the event of a fire in either the Gallery or Workshop areas.

Any disabled persons should process or be taken to the fire safety refuge at the top of the railway end stair. There to await a trained operative to take them down the stair in the “evac chair”.

Untrained persons should not attempt to use the evac chair.

The refuge is a protected area and fire safe for half an hour

If working on the ground floor in the case of fire in the workshop, exit the building by the nearest escape door (identified by appropriate signs fitted above each door)

Should the escape route be compromised by fire use the green painted walkway to access the alternative escape door. In order to leave safely do not attempt to walk through the operational workshop as there could be trip hazards or other restrictions to transit.

Go to the assembly point located at the 5th Woodbridge Sea Scout Building.

Call the Fire & Rescue Service on 999.  Please ensure that this call has been made.

Stay at the assembly point and be ready to meet the arriving emergency services to report the location of the fire, and any persons unaccounted for. You must not re-enter the building unless told it is safe to do so by a fire service officer or the person in charge.

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