Tuesday August 16th, 2016

Art on the Hoardings

Art on the hoardings at the old Whisstocks siteThe old Whisstocks boatyard site in Woodbridge is more than just a building site.

Woodbridge Riverside Trust is arranging a series of exhibitions on the hoardings along Tide Mill Way as a way of encouraging people to start enjoying the new community space that will be part of the new development.

From now to September “Remembering Whisstocks” shows especially commissioned posters of archive photos of boats built and launched from the old yard.

This will be followed by an exhibition on the theme “Riverside Walkabout” by three local photographers Charmian Berry, Kay Yule and Richard Brown.

From October to Christmas students from local primary schools will be showcasing artwork based on the River Deben and Anglo­ Saxons. Caroline Moore, from Woodbridge Primary School is working with other local teachers to develop the project as part of the curriculum.

In the New Year students from Farlingaye and Woodbridge School will be exhibiting work developed through special workshops led by sixth formers

Katharine Townshend and Thomas Chin. In both schools, senior pupils will share ideas and techniques with younger students.

Katharine said:

“We will explore how the riverside has changed over the years, both physically and in the way we use it. As Farlingaye art department offers courses in Art and Design, Photography and Textiles, we want to incorporate many different art forms. Although we will present ideas for the students to work with, they will be encouraged to approach the task in any way which interests them the most. I am excited to see what will be produced.”

Thomas said:

“I shall be collecting a variety of resources to help inspire the students and kick start the project at the beginning of the school year. Students will be able to get together in weekly after school clubs to share ideas and inspire each other to create art pieces to present on the boards.”

Sam Simpson, said:

“As One of the Trustees of the Woodbridge Riverside Trust I am delighted to support and encourage our local schools to provide unique artwork surrounding the construction site at Whisstocks. This is such an important development for the community of Woodbridge to have a space to be able to simply enjoy being by the river and the Whisstocks Art Project with the schools will help our young people to understand our local maritime history, Sutton Hoo and the significance of living by the River Deben. What a wonderful topic to inspire our creative young community.”

Woodbridge Riverside Trust is very grateful to Woodbridge Town Council, and Mandy Leeson of local business, Vanil for providing financial support for the project, to RG Carters and Whisstocks Developments Limited for enabling us to put up the frames, and to Tim Curtis of Video East for designing posters for the current exhibition.

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