A Stitch Back in Mari-time Talk by Clare Lightfoot

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Clare Perkins : Sunday April 14th 2024 2-3pm
The humble sewing needle has a long history dating back to Paleolithic times.
According to Chinese records, approximately 40,0000 years ago , ” the needle was considered
as a tool for assassination, by being hidden under a sleeve and thrown at a victim on the spur of
moment or even used as a weapon of self defence. “ Not such a humble tool at all it seems.
So whether used as a weapon or a tool, a sewing needle it seems , has its uses.
I have made it my life’s work for over 50 years, to try and create magic with this humble
tool , and have often thought how could I have created my work without it. It has been
my best friend for all the years I was a couture seamstress, and although replaced many
times I could always rely on it making a stitch look beautiful and as though put there by
I have also used a needle many times for repairing the original sails I still have on my
trusty old Wayfarer, number 531.
I hope you will enjoy hearing about the history of this humble object and what a helpful
tool it is and has been over thousands of years, both for clothing and maritime uses.

Tickets are available at or from The Longshed Gift Shop, or at the door on the day.

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